Monday, May 23, 2016

Every Disney animated movie is coming to Netflix

Even though summer has yet to even get underway, we already got a sneak peak at the Fall TV lineup that looks awesome. With major streaming services also making their fall announcements, Netflix decided that it didn’t want to be outdone by Hulu and Amazon and made an historic announcement that will ensure that all our movie needs will be met. Those of us who are already super excited about the live action Beauty and the Beast remake are about to lose it in the best way possible.

In a blog post, Netflix announced their upcoming summer lineup and snuck in this gem: they will become the exclusive Disney streaming service as of September 2016. Never again will we have to try and secure a DVD copy of our favorite Disney films when all we want to do is have snacks and snuggle up with Baloo or Simba. This news is especially epic in the wake of Disney’s purchase of the entire Star Wars catalog, and while we don’t know exactly what will be available to start, we’re sure we’ll get everything we’ve ever wanted right at our fingertips.

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