Monday, June 3, 2013

Now this is a story all about how...

I really hope I just didn't date myself with the title but eh.  So two questions would be who am I and why blog?  The title of my blog tells the honest truth.  I am a geek and nerd  with technology but that is not all.  Movies, books, TV, games, toys, etc.  I believe you shouldn't have to apologize for who you are and what you like.  But being a geek isn't just restricted to what I named above, it can be sports, cars, art, and more.  The important thing is to be excited and un-apologetic no matter who laughs or praises you for it.

Why am I choosing to blog?  I love to help.  My whole life I have liked helping people hoping that it opens up their views and gets them curious to things and ideas they were once ignorant too.  In this case of this blog it will be more tech but every so often branch out into other things.  So why tech?  Because in the lives of people around me, I am "that guy".  Everyone has a few of them in their lives.  There is your sports guy, the one who knows all stats on all teams in all sports, car guy, mechanic guy, fix-it guy, beer guy, and so on.  The guy (and/or girl) that you go to for information or help on the topic the seem to know everything about.  I am my friends and family's tech guy.  So I am hoping to talk about different topics and news from the tech world to hopefully educate people and maybe help them in the future. life got flip turned upside down (mainly by her).

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