Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Google Now adds NCAA Football teams

Available on iOS (Apple) and Android

Back in February, as we approached the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Google Now finally started to allow users to add their favorite teams. At the time, a lot of Google Now users  asked, “What about college football?” Since the college football season had long been wrapped up by February, I assumed that Google would get around to adding football teams once we got closer to the fall and the 2013 season. Sure enough, you can now add your favorite college football teams to your My Stuff>Sports list.

To add a team, simple open Google Now, hit the action overflow menu (or Menu), go to Settings>My stuf> Sports, and then “Add team…” Type in the school name, and you should see a list to choose from. Pro tip – you want the school team name with the football icon next to it.

From there, you should start seeing Google Now cards whenever your team is playing.

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