Tuesday, August 27, 2013

iOS 7 release date is leaked by a developer of Siri

Apple will release the final version of iOS 7 to the general public on Sept. 10—the same day the company is expected to announce the new iPhone 5S and 5C—according to an email sent by Nuance, the company that developed Siri. A message from the company to its developers was obtained by freelance tech writer Owen Williams and published to his personal blog before Nuance could take down the page.

The latest iOS 7 rumor fits into Apple’s recent history of releasing each new mobile OS on the same day it unveils the latest iPhone. More recently, the company has begun accepting new apps built for each upcoming iOS into the App Store ahead of the official launch, which explains how Nuance and its developers know when the new operating system will be released.

There’s still no official confirmation that Apple will announce a new iPhone, let alone iOS 7, on Sept. 10, but at this point we’re expecting Cupertino to send out announcements for the big event any day now. Stay tuned.

Update:  It's important to point out that if true, this release plan would deviate significantly from Apple's past approach. The company normally gives developers plenty of time to have their apps submitted for a new version of iOS. Further, it has never released a major iOS update on the same day as an iPhone hardware announcement. With this email, Nuance could be referring to the Golden Master (GM) build of iOS 7. That's the finalized, feature-complete version of the OS that Apple has traditionally provided to developers ahead of a consumer rollout.

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