Monday, August 5, 2013

Verizon introduces a new 500MB data Share Everything plan

So how would you like to save just an extra $10 a month but lose twice as much...
If you’re in the market for just a tiny bit of data each month, then you may want to check out Verizon’s latest Share Everything pricing tier. For $40 a month the carrier will set you up with 500MB of data for the budget minded amongst us.

How Verizon arrived at this pricing is a bit of a mystery. For $50 a month you can get 1GB, and for $60 a month you can get 2GB, so we’re a bit unclear on how 500MB can cost that much. Sure there are concepts like bulk discounts, and the cost of administrating you account and so on, but $40 does indeed seem a bit steep for such a small package of data.

Let's keep in mind that the average smartphone no matter the phone will use 125 to 140MB of data in one month just checking your emails.  If you don't do anything else on your phone (Facebook, twitter, web browsing, etc) and set your phone to check for emails once every 2 hours and have an average of 5 emails every two hours WITHOUT responding to them, you use 125 to 140MB a month.  This is without GPS on and not using any app what so ever.  So with this plan you will use close to a quarter of your monthly allotment by doing nothing.

Nevertheless, if you really don’t think you need 1GB of data, and you you’re operating on a budget, you can check out the $40 pricing plan starting immediately.

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