Friday, August 9, 2013

You can play Missile Command on YouTube and defend your favorite video

NSFW. Sort of....
To commemorate YouTube’s fabulous “Geek Week,” the popular time-vacuum has added a few neat Easter Eggs that only the nerdiest Internet denizens will appreciate. Among the millions of cat videos and raccoon rodeos, the website has made it possible to access Missile Command from anywhere. Like, go to any video and you can play it.
Unless you have no interest in video games, chances are Missile Command is firmly cemented in your (everyday?) vocabulary. In order to jump through YouTube’s nostalgic time portal, simply type “1980.” Try it. You don’t need to type those numbers into a search or anything like that. Just go to a vid, hit that combination and the game will pop up. Pretty nifty. Until you realize you’ve been playing it instead of working.
Go on, give it a shot. And if that’s not enough, you can type in “1337” to make the comments change into the Internet’s true geek language. I wonder what other number combinations transform YouTube. If you find anything else let us know.

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