Monday, September 30, 2013

Ads in Google Mail may be coming...

One of the pleasant things about using Gmail on Android is that it’s entirely ad free.  The days of an ad-free Gmail experience on Android may be coming to an end. According to Android Police, the latest version of Google's email app contains references to built-in advertisements. The uncovered code hints that users will be able to save ads that catch their interest as messages, but little else is known about the company's approach to mobile ads — or how intrusive they'll be. As part of Google's broad overhaul of Gmail back in May, it introduced a new Promotions tab that displays ads closely resembling regular inbox messages. At the time, Google insisted that most users would expect to find ads in a specialized Promotions section. Many users weren't happy with the change, even though it often results in fewer ads for those who ignore Promotions. We'd expect to see Google take a similarly careful and mindful approach to ads in Gmail for Android, whenever they finally appear. We've reached out to the company for more details.

Android Police noticed a few strings that suggest Google will allow you to save advertisements that apply to you as new messages. So if there’s a deal that interests you , you can save it and keep it in your inbox to take advantage of later. Other features include a card-based user interface, which Google uses for Google Now and other apps, and a warning that alerts you that you have unsent drafts, in case you forgot about them. The notification panel in Android will also populate generic images for contacts who don’t have an image set, instead of an empty white box.

There are a few other smaller tweaks pointed out by Android Police, though it’s unclear when they’ll be activated.

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