Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Buy to sell Verizon's HTC One for $49.99 on contract; including their blue colored variant

For anyone who doesn't care for the any of the iPhones but has an upgrade coming up through Verizon, I think this is something to definitely look at.  Best Buy is currently hosting a solid deal on the HTC One from Verizon, where you can land either the exclusive blue color or classic silver for just $49.99 on contract. The phone is still new enough that Verizon wants the full $199 for it – other online dealers are asking for as much as $149. The only other deal similar to Best Buy’s is through Amazon, where you can grab the One for $49.99, but the blue color is obviously not a choice.

Even though the One is months old at this point, it’s still a solid competitor and choice in the smartphone market.  When testing and playing with the HTC One, the only thing holding me back from getting rid of my iPhone 5 and picking up the HTC One was the camera.  In dimly lit situations the HTC One's camera works better than the iPhone 5 thanks to it's ability to take in more light per pixel so you get less of that "noise" on your picture.  While it still is a good camera, even compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3, I noticed in regular lighting situations (outdoor and indoor where there was plenty of light) there was a little bit of a "washing" effecting on the pics from all the processing that goes into each picture.  I know a few people who have the HTC One and can't see it at all so I guess it is up to the user.  Either way, if you like the Android operating system and your upgrade cycle is here, I would highly recommend taking a look at this deal.


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