Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Target and T-Mobile offering a wireless service?

After first teaming up to sell wireless goods way back in April 2010, it looks like Target and T-Mobile may have another partnership in the works that'll bring them even closer.

A new prepaid MVNO dubbed "brightspot" is reportedly set to be introduced as a collaboration between Target and T-Mobile. That's according to @evleaks, who claims that the service will offer a plan with unlimited talk, text and web, including 1GB of high-speed data, for $50 per month. It's also said that customers will receive a $25 Target gift card for every six consecutive months of service. The Target/T-Mo collabo is expected to support unlocked GSM hardware with a SIM kit and will have devices like the LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus F3 and F6 and the Nokia Lumia 521available to consumers.

Target is no stranger to the mobile game, as the retailer has been selling phones in its stores for years and has its own dedicated sales website. Apparently the bullseye crew is feeling a bit more ambitious now, though, and while brightspot's $50 plan sounds decent compared to all of the other prepaid options out there, the perk of receiving a $25 Target gift card for six straight months of service could make this MVNO attractive to some consumers. There's no word yet on when brightspot will officially launch, but that packaging up there looks to me like it's ready for the fluorescent light of retail stores, so it may not be long before we hear more.

My Opinion:

It's a good plan if you are a Target shopper because you will receive the $25 gift card every six months but the service Target's service is competing against offers more for less, Straight Talk.  With Straight Talk you have a choice of using AT&T or T-Mobile's network depending on the phone you choose and/or the area you are living in, a lower cost of $45 a month, and 2.5 GB worth of 4G data speeds before being throttled back to 2G.  With the $5 a month savings you get each month after six months, you can get a $30 gift card to target or where ever you choose to shop as opposed to the $25 from Target.  

As this is an early leak about Brightspot obviously consumers will have to wait to see what else Target is offering or if they change their data limit.  I guess we will have to see.

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