Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Instagram for Windows Phone is here!

Hey Doug! Guess what?!

The day is finally here! Windows Phone users can finally download and use a Beta version of Instagram, instead of relying on copycat third-party applications. While those with an iPhone or Android phone might not see this as a big thing, this is the same huge news as when Android finally got Instagram, but maybe even bigger.

Ask any tech geek/nerd (like myself) why we don't use a Windows Phone and 99% of them will tell you because they don't have the daily driver apps. The really good ones that most people with an Android or iPhone can't live without (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, etc). These are the apps we almost feel we need to do what we like to on our phones on a daily basis. With the launching of an actual Instagram app, not one someone (third party) created, it starts to solidify Windows Phone as an actual platform since Instagram is a top 5 mobile app company in the world. As Microsoft gets more and more daily driver apps to their platform, the more you might see tech nerds/geeks try out a Windows Phone. That is important because it's those people who are the early adopters of tech who tell the average consumers they know in their lives (friends and family) they should give it a try.

So here's to you super early adopters who love to take super cool hipster photos of you, your cats, dogs, food, kids, sunsets, concerts, etc. You have a great app to show off your awesome pictures from your awesome camera's on your smartphones. Take a picture, filter it, post it, and now do it again and again!

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