Friday, February 19, 2016

Mother uses 'Find my phone' to rescue kidnapped daughter

A mother used Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature to track down her kidnapped daughter, tracing the teenager to a McDonald’s parking lot more than 150 miles from her home in Pittsburgh.

The unnamed daughter was being held against her will by her ex-boyfriend, who kidnapped her, bound her hands, feet and mouth with duct tape — but apparently (thankfully!) forgot to remove the victim’s iPhone.

The daughter managed to text her mother, requesting help, at which point her mom notified Pennsylvania State Police — who collectively managed to trace her daughter’s location using Find My iPhone and get her back.

“The defendant was attempting to leave Pennsylvania with the victim,” revealed a statement concerning the arrest of 18-year-old suspect Joseph Boller, whose bail has been set at $150,000.

While there’s no doubt that this is a horrible story, it’s a great reminder of how Apple devices can be used to (potentially) save lives — and why we should all have Find My iPhone enabled on our devices, to boot.

Source: NBC News

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