Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amazon Echo is now available at Best Buy

Best Buy is now selling the Amazon Echo, joining several other retailers including Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond to offer the device outside of Amazon’s website.

The real benefit here, of course, is that you can check it out in person if you live near a Best Buy. The Echo is a fancy device, but dropping $179.99 on something you’ve never even seen before could give anyone pause.

The Amazon Dot remains unavailable. In fact, you can only order the Dot, a much smaller version of the Echo, from an Amazon device. The Tap, however, will be available at Best Buy in late April as well.

I recently picked up an Echo myself. I love the device, and it’s slowly working its way into my constant kitchen routines. I cook on a daily basis, and the Echo is serving as a music device, news updater, place for podcasts, jokes and random fart noises for my five year old. Hey, whatever works.

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