Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Apple quietly updates the 13" Macbook Air and realeasing it for the same price as last year

Apple announced the refreshed MacBook on Tuesday that includes a new sixth-generation Core M processor, longer battery life and even a new Rose Gold color option. But seemingly buried in the company’s release was a new update on the nearly forgotten MacBook Air, the remaining laptop in Apple’s family without a Retina display. No, it doesn’t have that yet, but Apple is now adding more RAM out of the box.

The company said all 13-inch MacBook Air models will ship with 8GB of RAM standard. That includes the entry-level $999 option that used to ship with 4GB of RAM, which means it has been effectively doubled for the same price. The 11-inch MacBook Air still starts at $899 and still offers just 4GB of RAM. With this upgrade in RAM plus the new Skylake processor, this definitely makes the 13" Macbook Air the best overall laptop on the market, especially for college students.

The updated models should be available from the Apple Store now.

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