Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Now AT&T is increasing their new device fee as well to $20 just like Verizon

On Monday, Verizon introduced a new “upgrade fee” for those customers who buy new phones on device payment plans or at full retail. Of course, Verizon isn’t the only carrier with an upgrade fee – both AT&T and Sprint have them as well.

Speaking of AT&T, their upgrade fee was set at $15 just last August, but now that Verizon has gone with a $20 price point, they are wasting no time in matching the greed. That’s right, as of today, AT&T now has a $20 upgrade fee in place, because why not. We’re talking two days after Verizon pushed theirs live. How awesome.

The new fees are as follows, according to AT&T’s recently updated fee page:
  • Activation and upgrade fees for smartphones with AT&T Next – Activation and upgrade fees are $20 per smartphone added or upgraded with AT&T Next.
  • Activation fees for installment agreements and bring your own devices – The fee is $20.
  • Activation and upgrade fees for two year agreement – Fees are $45. Note: Two year agreements are available only on select devices.

Going forward, if you buy a phone on AT&T Next or bring your own device, AT&T will charge you an extra $20.

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