Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Apple unveils 'AirPods'; complete wireless earbuds with 5 hours battery life and charging case

Apple killed the headphone jack today, so your old headphones are essentially garbage now, unless you want a dongle. Great! To replace them, Apple is releasing new wireless earbuds that it's calling AirPods. Users can connect their AirPods to their Apple device by just opening up the AirPods' case and tapping "connect." Here's the catch, though, the AirPods require Apple devices to be running iOS 10, watchOS 3, or macOS Sierra to work. The pair will reportedly last for five hours without needing to be put back in their charging case. That charging case can last for 25 hours. If you pull one out, the music automatically stops, which is nice -- there are sensors that detect when they're in your ears. Another sensor lets you activate Siri just by touching them, and built-in mics with noise cancellation enhance your voice for calls and voice control.

The AirPods rely on a new Apple chip called the W1, which handles the audio and wireless connection. Each AirPod also has dual accelerometers and optical sensors that help detect when they're in users' ears. Removing them will pause the music. The AirPods have a mic, too, so users can talk on the phone and also access Siri. The AirPods will cost $159 when they're released in late October.

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