Thursday, September 1, 2016

Instagram introduces (FINALLY) pinch to zoom on all videos and photos

Instagram has become the go-to social network of choice for many, including myself, and it’s finally getting a feature so simple you wonder why it wasn’t there from the beginning: zoom.

The rise of smartphones has made zoom synonymous with pictures. This makes the interaction with them more tactical and natural, and it’s finally coming to Instagram.

For some reason, the company waited five years to add a feature every other platform has, including Facebook, Twitter, and your Cameral Roll. Heck, the iPhone introduced pinch to zoom nearly ten years ago. Although late to the party, this update is welcomed with opened arms; you can now pinch to zoom and check out all the little details you were forced to squint at.

The feature will work with both pictures and video and will work in your Timeline and Explore tab.

This update rolled out yesterday on iOS, with the Android update arriving in the coming weeks.

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