Monday, October 10, 2016

Comcast to cap all customers to 1TB of data and tries to sell cap with insanely idiotic YouTube video

On November 1, 2016, all Comcast internet subscribers will be bound to a 1TB per month cap. That’s changed from the previously unlimited plan. Comcast has released a video to sell the cap to subscribers.

It’s all about what one can do with a single terabyte. Smell that? Mmm, corporate rhetoric.

As I draft this post right now, the video above has more than 110,000 views, 40,326 dislikes and only 181 likes.

Who the heck was liking it?

Oh yeah, comments have been disabled as well.

This video is pretty insane. First off, trying to sell an obviously bad “feature” to consumers with happy animals and cartoon design is big business condescension at its best. This is corporate patronizing in action, my friends. “Here, idiots, have some YouTube jokes as we break this news of a new data cap to you.”

Its message, too, is mixed at best. The whole video offers that a terabyte (TB) is so big that you’ll never be able to use it all in a month. Comcast, if a TB is so big and unattainable, why do you have a cap at all? Oh, right, because it’s not all that unattainable in the modern age.

We’re moving quickly towards 4K resolutions for video, Comcast. A 4K movie, for instance, will be about 30-40GB in size for around 90 minutes of content. You’d only need to watch 33 90 minute movies a month over the internet in order to hit that 1TB cap. That might seem hard to hit, but consider a household of four media consumers. If they’re watching in the 4K the entertainment industry is now pushing, we’re talking about 33 flicks split over four people.

What about downloading games (a standard AAA title might run 30GB), streaming music, hopping onto social media? I don’t consume media in 4K, but I do play games and movies, work from home uploading photos, articles, and videos, backup important information to the cloud, and stream all of my entertainment. My wife, little one, and I don’t have a cable subscription. We’re living solely on internet entertainment. We hit 532GB last month but thankfully for now, we are on Time Warner. If we were on Comcast and using 4K or my wife was a bigger media consumer? Forget it. We’d be well over the cap.

Comcast, 1TB isn’t much data at all. In fact, as video, image and aural quality get better over time, that 1TB cap will be pedestrian.

Yet here you are, trying to sell it to us with this bogus ad. Get out.

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