Friday, October 14, 2016

Jaybird X2 bluetooth earbuds are on sale for $79.99 (almost 50% off) at Target, Best Buy, and Amazon

Jaybird’s still-very-good X2 wireless earbuds are currently on sale at Target for just $79.99. Target claims that’s a $100 discount, but it’s really more like $70, since the earbuds are listed at $149.99 at most retailers like Amazon and Best Buy these days. Either way, if you need a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds, especially if you own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, these are a great choice. I talk about them a lot when they go on sale and that’s because they were a good buy at full price and remain a great buy as the price drops in anticipation of the X3.

The Jaybird X2 feature 8-hour battery life, memory foam tips and standard rubber tips, sweat-resistance, and of course, really solid audio performance for a Bluetooth headset. I personally use them for workouts and daily music, video, and podcast listening and don’t know that I’ll switch off of them, well, until the X3 comes out.

Free shipping is included.

Links: Amazon | Best Buy | Target ($79.99)

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