Friday, December 9, 2016

Apple Maps has an advantage over Google Maps with Tesla owners

Apple Maps may have a leg up on Google Maps, particularly for folks who are looking to charge their EV cars. ChargePoint announced this week that Apple Maps now fully integrates with the locations of charging stations throughout its network.

That means drivers who own EVs can open up Apple Maps, either on their smartphones or through Apple Carplay, and search for a charger. ChargePoint’s stations will provide information on pricing and hours of operation, while Apple Maps will do the legwork to tell you how to get there. After arriving at the station, drivers can pull out their iPhone and make a payment using Apple Pay to begin charging. There are certainly other ways to find ChargePoint locations, but this makes it easier if you’re already using Apple Maps.

More than 31,000 ChargePoint stations available

While it might seem like just a small number of cars on the road capable of juicing up on electricity instead of gas, you might be surprised to learn that ChargePoint says a driver plugs in or her car at a ChargePoint station every 4 seconds. The company says it has more than 31,000 charging locations with more than 390 providing Express DC fast charging. Next time you need one, just fire up Apple Maps.

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