Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PayPal is coming to Android Pay. This is a bigger deal than most realize.

Within the “next few weeks,” Google will allow Android Pay users to add their PayPal accounts as a payment method. As someone who has used PayPal for the better part of a decade or more, oh yeah!

The option isn’t available just yet, but Google did say in a short announcement that you’ll simply “link” your account. Once you’ve done that (see image above), tapping and paying with PayPal will work like it does with your attached credit cards at any locations Android Pay is accepted (online, in apps, and in-person).

The two biggest benefits of this now you can use Android Pay with a debit/credit card that isn't directly supported by Android Pay by linking it to your PayPal account. Second, this adds extra layers of security by allowing you to bypass skimmers using Android Pay (uses NFC) and having a credit card linked to PayPal for more fraud protection between your credit card company and PayPal.

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