Saturday, July 20, 2013

Non TV history making TV nomination

House of Cards

House of Cards has been nominated for 3 Emmy’s, marking the first web-only series to ever be nominated for major categories such as Best Drama.

Just six years ago, House of Cards wouldn’t have even been considered for the prestigious television awards, but now it seems things have changed. The show was nominated for best drama, and two of its stars, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, were nominated for best actor and best actress in a drama.
This is the first time any of the above categories have ever featured a series distributed solely over the internet.
Netflix, among other companies have begun to evolve to adapt to the change, much like how HBO evolved and added it’s own programming when Cable TV shows were allowed
House of Cards received nine Emmy nominations overall. Two other Netflix shows, Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove, received a handful of nominations in smaller categories.

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