Friday, November 22, 2013

Amazon's Deal of the Day: Transcend SD Cards, Thumb Drives and More Up to 70% Off

If you’re in the market for some memory products for upcoming tablets, cameras, or smartphones then you may want to head over to Amazon and check out the one day sale on products from Transcend.

With all of the new gadgets coming out right now, you’re sure to be in the market for some additional memory for all of them. Enter Amazon and another of its infamous one day memory sales. This time the brand of the day is Transcend and there are some great deals mixed in. You can pick up a 64GB microSD card with adapter for $34.99, a 30 percent discount from its usual price. How about a 32GB USB 3.0 thumbdrive for $14.99, a 70 percent savings off of its list price of $49.99. I especially like the 64GB microSD card because anytime you are paying close to 50 cents for gigabyte (GB) for storage on a microSD card, you are getting an awesome deal. Couple that with the fact the card is class 10 so it can read and write 1080p video (True High Definition) without any hiccups or stutters makes this deal all the better.

For those of you with a need for more storage on your computer, there’s a 1 terabyte (TB) USB 3.0 external drive for $67.99, which represents a savings of 42 percent. An internal 256 gigabyte (GB) SSD (100x faster than a regular hard drive for a laptop) will run you $149.99 today, a savings of 58 percent.

You’ll definitely want to head over and check out all of the memory products currently on sale as you can definitely never have too much storage on hand.


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