Wednesday, June 15, 2016

T-Mobile adds more video services to BingeOn like PBS, PBS Kids, and YouTube Gaming

T-Mobile announced the sixth expansion of the Binge On service this morning, bringing the total number of supported streaming services to nearly 90. With Binge On, any video you stream over T-Mobile’s data network from a supported provider (such as Netflix, HBO, and YouTube) will not count towards your monthly allotment, saving you from possible overage charges.

As for which services were added this week, viewers can now stream video from PBS, PBS Kids, Azubu, Dailymotion Games, Eyegroove, as well as YouTube Gaming. According to T-Mobile, customers have streamed more than 500 million hours of video, with none of it counting towards their data.

T-Mobile’s Binge On list is always updating, so be sure to look here at the complete roster of supported streaming services.

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