Friday, October 21, 2016

Want to buy or sell a smartphone or tablet easily from your smartphone? Swappa finally has an app for that.

One of the choices involved in landing a good deal on a smartphone purchase is buying a used product. The idea of a second-hand good might not sound as appealing to all as purchasing directly from authorized sellers, but a surprising number of people will attest that the second hand market can often land you a very sweet bargain.

Especially when your budget is not that high, you can buy a relevant product in good condition at a fair price. The benefits extend onto the other side as well — if you have a gently used phone that is sitting in the drawer because you moved onto something better, why not get part of your investment back and give the phone a new home?

Swappa serves the valuable purpose of providing a market and bringing together buyers and sellers of the same product, while still ensuring that scammers do not take innocent purchasers for a joyride. Considering the size of operations and the complexities involved in matters of money, we all can agree that they have been doing a pretty good job at it. I personally have been using Swappa for over 3 years and have nothing but respect and admiration for what it is.

For a marketplace that dealt with Android smartphones in majority, there was one thing missing: an Android app. Swappa did have an Android app called Swappa Price, but as the name would imply, its primary purpose was to determine the worth of the device.

With Swappa’s new marketplace app, conveniently called Swappa, users of the service can now enjoy all the benefits of the website natively on their Android smartphones. Browse through listings as a buyer or list your own phone as a seller — all of it is made easier, simpler, more accessible and more convenient by the Android app.

To download the Android app, search for Swappa on the Google Play Store (easier said than done at the moment), or follow along this link. If you prefer remaining old-school, you can still continue on using the Swappa website.

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